Exploring China in a Weekend

 Exploring China can jangle any expert traveller understandably so, because it is a huge country. Yet amidst the myths about going to this country, it remains to be an amazing country to visit. So here are some couple of tips that you can use for a more manageable trip to China.

1.      Book a Twin Room

Travelling with a group?  Don’t worry Chinese hotels are not too fussy when it comes to the number of beds and the number of people booking that specific room. In fact, most hotels have extra beds that you can rent if the beds aren’t enough. Just make sure some members of your group are fine with sleeping on the floor with a folding bed or extra cushion. This saves you a lot of cash though.

2.      Don’t pay too much coins

 Make sure you bring enough bills to pay for common expenses like transportation, clothes, and food. People in China like Taxi drivers don’t want to be burdened with coins as much as street food vendors do. Don’t be surprised but market vendors in North China will reject your coins outright after paying them.

3.      Use the best translator

Most of the people in China are not too fluent in English. In fact, their signages are not translated to English so if you don’t want to get lost in China, make sure you have installed the best translator on your phone.  There are apps nowadays that allow voice-to-text translation from English to Chinese and vice versa.

4.      Be creative if you want some souvenirs 

Most of us want to bring a piece of China after the trip is over. So if you want some souvenirs, make sure you get the best and most creative gift of all. China never runs out of possibilities and if you want something that will remind you of China, you can have fine items made by hand and to order. For example, you can get a neon sign of your name or cashmere coach especially from The Shandong Juancheng Neon-Plasma Tech company.

5.      Order rice the right way 

 Although China is an Asian country most restaurants don’t ultimately serve rice if you don’t ask for it. Rice is usually seen as a cheap way to fill up at the end if needed. So if you want to order rice, you should make it clear to the waiter by saying “mifan mashang” or rice straight away.

6.      Bring your own tissue

Just because most of the public comfort rooms in China do not have tissues does not mean that this country is less hygienic. It is customary in China for every person to carry their supplies so to avoid disappointments, you should carry your own provisions too.

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