6 Best Day Trips from Boston for Local and Visitors

Boston I not only one of America’s oldest cities but also a destination featuring some of the most cherished attractions and historic sites in the United States. There’s a whole host of culture and history to experience here. Boston’s perfect location on the New England coast makes it a wonderful place to visit and even live, especially if you’re looking to escape from city life. In addition to the historic attractions in Boston, tourists can enjoy the Maine and New Hampshire coasts, beautiful beaches of Cape Cod, art museums, lush backwoods hiking trails, and incredible fishing towns within easy reach. Here’s how you can spend your time out of the city. 

Cape Cod National Seashore

The Cape Cod National Seashore comprises of long white beaches and dunes stretching about 40 miles along the coast. A day’s tour of Cape Cod will allow you to take in breathtaking views of cozy villages, old lighthouses, marshes, cranberry bods and other highlights. The area also features majestic historic sites such as the Dexter Grist Mill. Cape Cod is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Home to seafood cafes, glorious beaches, picturesque coastline, and the Heritage Museum and gardens, Cape Cod offers a perfect day trip from Boston. 


Portsmouth is one of the early settlements of New England before it became a major colonial port. The small New Hampshire port city is about an hour’s drive from the historic city of Boston. There’s so much to explore here from charming cafes, historic houses, fine colonial homes, clothing stores, historic gardens, restaurants, and much more. Don’t leave before touring the elegant home of a former governor and checking out the Portsmouth Brewery. 

Old Sturbridge Village

There’s no better way to learn and experience the life New Englanders lived in the 1800s than to visit the Old Sturbridge Village. The historic village is an open-air museum featuring rustic farmhouses, tavern, a personage, gracious homes, and workshops where artists demonstrate their crafts. The living museum is a great site for families. It’s only an hour from the historic city of Boston. 


A good place to start is at the historic seaside town of Kennebunkport. The beautiful town of Kennebunkport provides visitors with spectacular views of the coastline, incredible shopping experiences, and seafood platters. It should take you 9 minutes to drive to Kennebunkport from Boston.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown is home to plenty of specialty shops, art galleries, incredible beaches, and edgy nightclubs. A ninety-minute ferry from Boston is probably the fastest way to get to Provincetown from Boston. Driving from Boston through the Cape will take about 2 hours. The town has for a very long time served as a hangout for musicians, artists, as well as, the LGBTQ community. Take a daytrip to Provincetown and explore the town’s rich history and thriving art scene. 

Blue Hills

If you’re looking to experience Massachusetts natural beauty, a day trip to the Blue Hills Reservation is all you need. Located just twenty minutes from downtown Boston, this attraction stretches over 7,000 acres, featuring 125 miles of hiking trails to explore. Activities here include mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and walking, downhill skiing, boating, rock climbing, and swimming. 

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